Investor Relations

Filipino Fund, Inc. is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. As of December 31, 2022, the Fund has 50,167,397 common shares held by 5,363 stockholders. The list of the top twenty stockholders is as follows:

RankStockholdersNumber of Shares% of Ownership
1PCD Nominee Corporation (Filipino)44,208,72988.12%
2PCD Nominee Corporation (Non-Filipino)165,5620.33%
3Allen C. Roxas94,6670.19%
4Albert Go Ong90,2500.18%
5Segundo Seangio and/or Virginia Seangio32,8180.07%
6Victor Hernandez Bocaling31,5550.06%
7Romeo Tan Pe25,2440.05%
8Emmanuel Hernandez Bocaling25,2440.05%
9International Polymer Corp. 22,0890.04%
10Antonio Suntay Tanjangco20,8260.04%
11Willington W. Chua20,5240.04%
12Norberto Valdivia Sauco20,1950.04%
13Alexander Jo Tanchan19,8790.04%
14Jan Ced18,9330.04%
15Patrick Yap Tong18,9330.04%
16Ma. Georgina Vera Perez18,9330.04%
17Mely Ngo Lim18,9330.04%
18Ka Siong Tiu16,5550.03%
19Marciano S. Bacalla Jr.16,4090.03%
20Arthur Cang Uy15,7770.03%